November - Happy at Work – Unlock Intelligence, Creativity and Productivity

“Happy at Work – Unlock Intelligence, Creativity and Productivity”

Speaker, Katie Snyder

The constant challenge of growing and improving your business can be exhausting.

You’ve tried streamlining, right sizing, and lean without achieving quite the impact you were looking for. You’ve tried it all, now try what works!

A remarkable amount of evidence based research in Neuroscience and Positive
Psychology has emerged over the past decade and are now being translated into
simple yet powerful tools for business. Move away from the old formula of success of “If I work harder I’ll be more successful”. Instead, learn how this exciting new field of research can guide you in operating at your best:

• How we see the world changes everything
• How to train your brain to be able to access your full potential
• How your new mindset can be naturally contagious

And, walk away with three new tools you can implement today.
Happiness at work can be an ingredient to business success!



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