May — Willow Oaks Country Club

“Developing YOUR Personal Brand” and
“Stop Telling and Start Selling”

Willow Oaks Country Club
Forest Hill Avenue at Powhite Parkway

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In this meeting you’ll learn how to create your own personal brand to separate yourself from your competitors and…the best presentation you can ever give is the one you don’t have to give at all. Mike Short, Founder of Professionals Referral Organization (PRO) will present Developing YOUR Personal Brand, and Mike Carroll, Owner, Head Trainer & Coach of Sandler Training will present Stop Telling & Start Selling.

Stop Telling and Start Selling (Mike Carroll)
There is a common belief that “more persuasive” presentations will seal the deal & that there are tricks to do a better job of handling objections and negotiating on price. Is there a more effective way? Mike will share proven insights that focus on how to put yourself in situations where “more persuasive” presentations or “more effective” objection-handling skills are not necessary. The best presentation you can ever give is the one you don’t have to give at all, because the prospect or customer discovers the best reasons to do business with you before you present a final solution or proposal.

Developing YOUR Personal Brand (Mike Short)
Your company has a brand. The key leadership of your company has worked hard to establish, maintain and protect that brand. It of the utmost importance to the success of the company, and it gives you a fantastic tool as you represent your company in the community. Shouldn’t YOU have your own PERSONAL BRAND?

What is a personal brand? Why is it so crucial to your success? How does it benefit you in your current position and beyond? Could having a personal brand limit me in any way?

We will explore these questions with Mike’s unique definition of what constitutes a “Personal Brand.” You won’t find his definition in any textbook, but his insight will make you rethink how you represent yourself and your product or service line in the community. Join us for this exciting event and learn how to not only separate yourself from your competitors, but how to secure your success over the long term.

About Mike Carroll…
Mike Carroll is the Owner, Head Trainer & Coach of Sandler Training | River City Express NetworkMike Carroll is the Owner, Head Trainer & Coach of Sandler Training in Richmond, VA. An Authorized training center of the Sandler Training Global Network, which has 4 decades of experience offering professional development solutions for small to mid size businesses, and Fortune 1000 corporations in 27 languages.

Before Mike began assisting Central VA Businesses overcome common sales frustrations and barriers to business growth nearly 15 years ago, he spent the first four years of his business career on the front lines of sales where he experienced the many rewards and challenges of the sales profession. In 1978 he was the architect, co-founder, President and CEO of MicroMagnetic, Inc., a company specializing in the distribution of computer related products. The company grew from a 2 person organization to over 75 team members with offices in Virginia, North Carolina, and Maryland. In 1998 MicroMagnetic was acquired by Corporate Express, a publicly held, international company.

About Mike Short
Mike Short is the founder of PRO | River City Express Network
Mike Short is the founder of PRO, the Professionals Referral Organization. Since 2006, PRO has been Virginia’s Premier Strategic Partnership Community. Started in Richmond with a single PRO Team of professionals from a variety of industries, PRO now has hundreds of members in chapters throughout Virginia and is excited to announce their expansion to Hampton Roads in early 2015.

Prior to founding PRO, Mike had an extensive career in education, sales, management, and business ownership. He has owned a franchise food business, a gift shop and delivery service, and an entertainment company. He has also been the CEO of two nonprofit organizations, has managed a division of products for a major company, and worked as a consultant for a physician management group. He has also held several sales positions selling to individuals, corporations and the government agencies. Mike has spoken to dozens of organizations, from Chambers of Commerce to corporate sales forces.

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