Wednesday, March 4 — 7:30–9am — Willow Oaks Country Club

Facebook Magic Bullet:
5 Simple Steps to Creating a Profitable Facebook Marketing Plan

Willow Oaks Country Club
Forest Hill Avenue at Powhite Parkway

Reservations requested.

Social media expert and author Mande White-Pearl will share strategies and tools to create a quick and easy Facebook list-building funnel to grow your email list.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The secret to creating a Facebook Marketing Plan built on your businesses’ unique strengths and your ideal client’s deepest desires and NOT on here-today-gone-tomorrow Facebook features
  • The most common mistake women entrepreneurs make on Facebook- and how to avoid it
  • The top Facebook Marketing myths that keep you struggling to get clients, overwhelmed and underpaid
  • How to consistently succeed on Facebook, no matter how often the platform changes
  • A simple, step-by-step plan to create a quick and easy Facebook list building funnel to grow your email list (I’ll show you how to turn $50 into $200+ daily)
  • Imagine waking up each day with 5, 10 or 100 new people on your email list and your calendar full of appointments that will lead you to amazing speaking opportunities, joint venture partnerships and clients.

About Mande White-Pearl
Mande created her first information product in 2001 and has since spent the last 10 years behind the scenes of some of the most successful Internet Marketers advising on strategy, product offerings, traffic methods and conversion techniques.

Mande has helped generate over 10,000,000 leads resulting in over $100 million is additional revenue for her clients since 2001.

She served as President of the American Marketing Association South Florida for 3 years and as the Marketing Director for the Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle Miami Chapter.

She is the co-author of the Ultimate Success Secret with Dan Kennedy and the Amazon Bestseller “7 Mistakes Women Entrepreneurs Make That Keep Them Struggling to Get Clients, Overwhelmed and Underpaid”

She makes money 24/7/365 from the information products she has created like LinkedIn Magic Bullet, Client Magnet Blueprint, WordPress Magic Bullet, Traffic Magic Bullet, and Income Magic Bullet.

Bring lots of business cards!

Meeting Sponsor: Nina Pryor, LPGA Professional, Oasis Sportspark