December - SPEEDNetworking


Willow Oaks Country Club

Forest Hill Avenue at Powhite Parkway

Reservations requested.

One of our most popular programs of the year, SPEEDNetworking puts you and your business in front of some of RVA’s smartest business professionals.

Make new connections, uncover new leads and build relationships that will help grow you, grow your career, and grow your business!

Bring plenty of business cards and brochures and be ready to network, network, network!

Meeting Sponsor:
Captain Jim Gordon, Results Trainer, Successful Life Training

successfulLIFEsailingCaptain Jim Gordon is fiercely committed to guiding women leaders to achieve fantastic goals without the pain in the gain.

They can have the personal life and the professional desires of their dreams.

His proven system ensures success in addressing reducing stress, eliminating fear, and producing a life of smooth sailing.

With 30 years of experience working with amazing clients and guiding them to achieve remarkable results, Captain Jim’s system leads to the seed of greatness within each woman leader.


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