May - Brenda Schultz-McCarthy, Unleashing the Power of Resilience

Brenda Schultz-McCarthy presents, “Unleashing the Power of Resilience”

Unleashing the Power of Women’s Resilience

Within all of us, there is a warrior, a power that is capable of making the impossible a reality, able to conquer all odds both big and small in work and in life as a whole. Every great champion uses this one power to achieve greatness. This key ingredient to greatness is within all of us, but unfortunately so few are taught how to access it and use it on demand. This power is called RESILIENCE and with a few basic tools you CAN be taught how to access it and use it in your everyday life… It does not matter if you have massive obstacles, small challenges, or simply want to live the best, most fulfilled life possible… RESILIENCE is your golden ticket to living life without limits.

Brenda Schultz-McCarthy is a former top 10 ranked tennis player, 2x Olympian and World Record Holder. At the height of her tennis career, she suffered a career ending back injury, and was told she would never play tennis again and would not be able to have children. 7 years later she defied the odds and returned to professional tennis and broke the world record for fastest serve in the world. She is now a mother and business owner alongside her husband Sean.