May 6 - Rebecca and Keith - Communicating through Zoom clearly & effectively

Rebecca and Keith, Communicating through Zoom clearly & effectively

WHEN: Wednesday, May 6th at 8am
As the COVID 19 shutdown continues we are planning our May 6th meeting to be a zoom meeting online that will benefit all of us.

Join your fellow RCEN members on a virtual call on Wednesday, May 6th at 8am

Communicate with Charisma, Clarity & Compassion in the COVID-19 Age: The fastest way to become a more effective communicator in today’s virtual environment and to make the screen separating us feel forgotten is to make simple tweaks to our body language, wording, and camera positioning. In this highly interactive workshop, learn how to:

  • Come off as confident and engaging. Learn body language do’s and don’ts.
  • Adjust your camera placement and lighting to showcase the best you.
  • Get out of the gate strong. Win and hold everyone’s attention while you are talking.
  • Handle distractions and disruptions without losing your cool.

TALLsmall Productions leads communications workshops around the country and virtually for such clients as Coldwell Banker, Paypal, national associations and school districts on public speaking, communicating with clarity, networking to get noticed and body language, This duo launched in 2014 and frequently make TV appearances, weighing in on the impact of communication in politics, news and daily life. They give back to the community by emceeing fundraising galas and leading pro-bono workshops. And, yes, the company name is a nod to their heights.