Making Better Use of Social Media

Jeanne Willson, Markbeech MarketingRiver City Express Network member and director of Markbeech Marketing, Jeanne Willson, provides us tips on Making Better Use of Social Media:

“The benefits of social media are clear. Where are your clients and prospects? Well, there are over 1 billion Facebook users and Twitter attracts 180 unique visitors per month, just to name a few. But, the benefits of social media do not happen overnight so here’s our take on what you can do to make yours more effective:

* Check and update your status regularly.
Try to post of your Facebook page at least 2X per day. And on your Twitter account 4X per day. That may sound like a lot but but not everyone will see every post. Use a combination of videos, motivational quotes, questions, pictures (of your office and your team) and informational articles and plan it all in advance so you’re never in that reactive mode.

* Promote your social media outlets on your website.
Take that extra step to put the social media icons right on your website home page so people can see what you are talking about, “Like” your page and share your posts.

* Don’t talk too much about your business.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s important that your visitors know when you have a new product or service, but don’t make your social media entirely about you and your business. You need to provide resources and value for people – and a reason for them to keep coming back.

* Show your appreciation.
If your clients or prospects take the time to comment on your Facebook, be sure to Like their comment. Better still, reply with a comment: “Thanks, Chris, for your comment – we couldn’t agree more.” Or “We’re glad you found the information valuable.”

With these great tips we hope you will be making better use of social media! And, don’t forget to find RCEN on Facebook!

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