December - Sylvia Farbstein - Curating Your Content

Sylvia Farbstein of Ten Feet Tall LLC presents, “Curating Your Content”

Our life presents us with unexpected twists and turns that can shake us to our core, stop us in our tracks, or provide a catalyst for exciting change. Sylvia’s professional world took a leap from the predictable and defined realm of private banking in NYC to one of few answers and no blueprint when her son was diagnosed with a rare form of dwarfism that seemed to come out of nowhere. Their experiences with navigating a world not designed for his stature has forced her to seek out ways to innovate, adapt, advocate and embrace a mindset that has lead to the discovery of incredible life lessons and an entrepreneurial career path.

Three important items you will learn from this meeting will be:

  1. How to leverage adversity into an asset
  2. How to reduce ‘noise’ and create space for meaningful connection
  3. How changing our internal lens evolves and elevates our mindset


A graduate of NYU with a degree in finance, Sylvia Farbstein learned her biggest business and life lessons not from the financials she analyzed as a banker, but from stepping out of her comfort zone and embracing a life of uncertainty. Her son Brandon was diagnosed with a rare form of dwarfism at the age of 2. This unforeseen genetic mutation resulted in medical issues and challenges navigating life with his final 3”9” stature. Brandon’s bouts with depression and severe cyberbullying gave way to creating a life of impact. Over the past couple of years, they have testified at the Virginia General Assembly and helped pass 2 anti-bullying laws. Sylvia now manages 19 year old Brandon’s professional speaking career and travels the country with him as he teaches youth and adult audiences to forge their own unconventional path, not letting anyone dictate their experience in life, and breaking out of self-limiting beliefs.

Social media/website links:

LinkedIn – Sylvia Farbstein
Website – Brandon Farbstein