August - Your Image: Aligning Perceptions with Reality

“Your Image: Aligning Perceptions with Reality”

What impressions do you make when meeting people and engaging other businesspersons? Did you know you can influence other’s perceptions of you?

Gain competitive advantage in your industry and build trust in business relationships by learning ways to align perceptions with reality. Image builder and business etiquette coach, Denise Marcia, will share easy to incorporate skills for you to add to your personal portfolio. If you are ready to take a look at some actions that may be hindering your business growth and explore ways of tweaking them, join us for this informative presentation!

Three learning objectives:
1. Understanding how perceptions affect business
2. How perceptions of ourselves align with how others see us
3. Tips to improve first impressions and influence how people perceive us

Denise Marcia
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Denise Marcía (Mar-SEE-ah) is a business etiquette coach. She has more than 25-years’ experience in entertainment, hospitality and corporate industry and is the founder of essentials! the professional development company. She tours colleges and universities, and works within businesses, corporations, and organizations presenting essential keys to success in career and in life.

Denise is a former professional actress, record company exec, protocol specialist for the corporate office of a bank, and has extensive expertise in restaurant and hotel proficiencies. Certified as etiquette consultant, Denise uses her background to prepare young adults, entrepreneurs, and executives for real world career achievement and advancement.