August - Special 17th Anniversary Meeting w/Vernon Brown

“RCEN’s 17th Anniversary Meeting with special guest speaker, Vernon Brown”

“Life-Work Design: Happier, healthier and more successful

We are intrigued by the thought of the common term “Work-Life Balance”. The act of juggling professional and personal life as if we are performing for the crowd. In reality it is far more taxing to seek this “balance” and the act of even trying to will have things falling all over the place. Is there another way that is more fun and creative? Of course, there is.

Through the use of humor and shared experience, happiness and diversity coach Vernon Brown shares his story and approach to life management.

Throughout this conversation Vernon explores:
• How the common approach to life will take all your energy
• Apply 4 simple tweaks to energize and enhance our ever-changing schedules
• Create a plan right on the spot that you can stick to

Join Vernon Brown for his conversation on hope, laughter and creative thinking. Don’t forget to laugh!

Vernon Brown

With over 15 years’ experience as being a trainer and coach Vernon L. Brown is the happiness and success coach. He has proven background in his transformational lifestyle vision and mental clarity, having coached several thousands of clients across
the country. A member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Vernon combines his style of tailoring his coaching to the client with a pragmatic and easy to understand approach. Allowing clients to get the space and understanding they need to create more successful and happier lives.