April - You Have a Lead. Now What?

“You Have a Lead. Now What?” with Patrick McFadden

Wednesday, April 6, 7:30am-9am

Willow Oaks Country Club

Forest Hill Avenue at Powhite Parkway

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There’s a huge difference between getting leads and making sales. Content, networking and social media are the aspects of marketing that get most of the attention. But these alone aren’t a complete marketing process. This presentation will tell you what else you’ll need to create a marketing process that results in more sales.

#1. The Difference Between Getting Leads and Making Sales.
No matter how much great marketing you do, prospects will need to be taken through a multi-stage, one-on-one sales process before they make the significant time and financial investment in your services.

#2. Turn Leads Into Sales.
Effective consultants, coaches and independent professionals know that marketing is just the beginning of an effective strategy, it also requires a proactive sales process to turn leads into actual sales.

#3. Take Your Lead to School.
An effective and time-efficient way to educate your prospects and stay “top of mind” is to create an email newsletter or nurture campaign. You can reuse information you’ve created from your lead generation activities, and republish it in your newsletter.

#4. High Touch = High Sales.
When it comes to personalized, hightouch relationship building, you can’t keep in touch with everyone. It can be valuable to prioritize a small number of high-potential prospects (say, a dozen or two) for high-touch, one-on-one outreach.

Once a prospect has expressed interest in buying from you, it’s important to have a structured sales process to keep the conversation moving toward a buying decision (if you’ve ever had a prospective sale that drags on and on without resolution, you know how important this is).

I conclude with this: Marketing strategies are changing the way we do business. But an effective marketing strategy also involves many traditional sales and business development activities, too. To make more sales you’ll want to use a combination.

Patrick McFadden, Indispensable MarketingPatrick McFadden is known for Creating Environments Where You Can See Possibilities. Today our special guest is Patrick McFadden. For the past five years, Patrick has owned and operated Indispensable Marketing a B2B marketing consulting company specializing in lead generation and content marketing. In early 2013, Patrick was selected as an American Express OpenForum Marketing Advisor and Small Business Thought Leader. Over the past three years, he has regularly contributed his marketing advice on the OPENForum content hub.

Email: pmcfadden@indispensablemarketing.com

Website: indispensablemarketing.com

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