April - Social Networking with LinkedIn

Ginny Youngblood presents, “Social Networking with LinkedIn”

  • Is your LinkedIn Profile optimized for Social Networking? 
  • Does your profile tell what you do?
  • Are you making use of your business page? 

Bring your computer and a printout of your LinkedIn page to our next meeting.  We will have a hands-on workshop to analyze and upgrade each participant’s LinkedIn Profile page. 

Time permitting, we will discuss how to use LinkedIn as a sales tool. 


Our program will be presented by Ginny Youngblood. Ginny is Principal Consultant with TheYokes Group. She coaches executives and teams to design and implement supply chain and business process improvement projects. She is passionate about bringing together diverse business teams to collaborate for improved product quality and supply chain performance. Ginny is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Richmond, Robins School of Business, teaching operations management.