Wed, Sept 5, 8-9:30am – Erin Mahone, If You Could See Me (StoryTelling)

Wed, Sept 5, 8-9:30am - Erin Mahone, If You Could See Me (StoryTelling)

Erin Mahone presents, “If You Could See Me”

Wednesday, September 5, 8am-9:30am

Hermitage County Club
1248 Hermitage Road
Manakin-Sabot 23103
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About ‘If You Could See Me’

If any lesson comes out of Erin Lessin Mahone’s book “If You Could See Me,” it’s that problems and plans go hand-in-hand.

“Nobody on earth was born with an instruction manual,” she declares. “Nobody knows what the hell they’re doing.”

The book and associated programming brought people with mental health issues and their caregivers to the forefront to tell their stories. “This is what it’s about,” she says. “We are all broken, in some form or fashion, and it’s OK.” In a world that expects perfection that nobody can meet, people who fall short of that bar often get overlooked. “If we can make peace with ourselves, have compassion for ourselves,” she says, “that allows us to have compassion for others. And that’s when real societal change can begin.”

About Erin

Her story begins with paternal grandparents Marlene and Lenny, her “Bubby” and “Zayde,” married for 47 years, during all of which Lenny lived with schizophrenia. Friends and family urged Marlene to institutionalize him, but this was in the 1950s, and Marlene wasn’t going to lock up the man she married. His entire life had been one of subterfuge and hiding his true self. Despite great obstacles, they had four children, one of whom was Erin’s father, and 14 grandchildren. And it was on the fireplace hearth of her grandparents’ home where her interest was sparked in singing and performance. Until recently, she was the director of cultural arts and Jewish education at the Weinstein JCC. She’s now working in mental health case management for Chesterfield County.

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